New Aprilia Scooters Piaggio SRV850 Matic

Aprilia ensure SRV850 immediately produce the latest generation are equipped with active safety features anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Automatic Traction Control (ATC). Automatic scooter is a third product from the Piaggio Group is using the technology after the Piaggio Piaggio BV350 and X10.
Skuter Matik Aprilia Terbaru Piaggio SRV850
ABS technology on SRV850 using a sensor applied to the front disc brakes. These sensors capture the speed of rotation of the wheel when the speed, the ECU (electronic control unit) will regulate the pressure in the hydraulic brake system, preventing the locking disc on the disc.

While the ATC works almost similar to the ABS. So, when the rear wheels spin faster than the front wheels, this marks the place "wheel slip". Traction control unit and then set the ignition and the time of spraying to set the torque to the rear wheels do not lose traction. For this fitu, Aprilia provides two types of use that is standard with the sport and the activation button on the right handlebar. Sport type was prepared for those who like "aggressive" and "standard" for everyday use. Suitable for touring or commuting with a medium to far distance.

Aprilia SRV850 ABS-ATC is equipped with the same engine-powered 839.3 cc 76.5 PS at 7750 rpm and torque of 76.3 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The difference with the standard model, only the weight that is 551 pounds (249.9 kg) than previously just 549 pounds (249.02 kg). There are currently no plans to launch kepastikan when Aprilia ERV850, but reportedly to North America, the new year.
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