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      Coliber REX 50 cc

      F16  - 50 cc       

F16 is the undisputed leader in scooters.
With the ease of use and economical combustion is an excellent choice
for all who appreciate the convenience to move around the crowded streets.
Quick as a formula and extremely efficient.


In the era of soaring gasoline prices Zipp designers aimed to create najekonomiczniejszego scooter.
Nearly a year of work resulted in a model Parco.
This unique Jednoslad consumes just 2.5 liters per 100 km.
Its modern line hidden storage compartment, which fits easily into an integral helmet.
Compatible with modern trends in design, in which no missing elements of the formula of carbon fiber,
is pleasing to the eye and distinguishes its owner from the crowd of boring classes.

Superray scooter is our answer to the boring, disappearing into the crowd wheeler.
Creating the thought of just like you - who want to distinguish modern, fresh look and a hint of decadence.
We created it from scratch, putting a lump of sharp edges and futuristic design.
Technology headlights taken from the best technology used in cars,
a rear light system gives the scooter a truly predatory in nature.
If you want to feel like the king of the urban jungle of Superraya attitudes!

      Quick 50 cc    
   vehicle available

Excellent quality and reliability
is an excellent and safe introduction to przygoody of cars.

Small, lightweight and comfortable scooter perfect for riding on a crowded city. Agility and lightweight feel makes the best choice for beginners. Its very economical engine allows burning only 2 liters per 100 km.

Excellent quality and reliability
is an excellent and safe introduction to przygoody of cars.
Variable speed brakes

Will like it especially the young students scooters adventure. Original color attracts attention.
Quality and reliability at such a low price make it the ideal product.

Features: LED lamps, detachable trunk system Zipplock

GP500  - 50 cc

vehicle available

The classic scooter a steeper shape and an interesting painting is the perfect choice
for those who need a large universal scooter.
High quality construction and application of good components ensures that you get easily wherever you want.

 Large and comfortable scooter. Ideally suited for traveling as a couple.
The two-stroke engine delivers plenty of power.
Falcon is a dynamic vehicle ideally suited to a movement among urban traffic congestion and road trips
Koyot  50 cc 
  SHARPY 50 cc  2-suw 
   Vehicle available - in three colors

Sharpy 50 is one of the largest models in our range, produced among others the license of the Japanese.
A very large scooter powered by a powerful 2-stroke engine combined with the real sport muffler gives you amazing results while driving.
In addition, the ABS has a scooter. Large wheels, comfortable couch - it can be safely navigate the city and travel to further distances.
Maximum speed: 45 km / h (after unlocking up to 85 km / h)

El Loco is a scooter a sporty silhouette that will make you the best striker among rivals.
Nimble, fast and reliable: the biggest advantages of El Loco.
This selection is a hit.

Huragan  50 cc
Guliwer 50 cc


Challenger  50 cc  
   VENTO 50 cc  

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